Falafel Avenue branding


Falafel Avenue is a new fast-casual restaurant located in Montreal, Canada.
They have a contemporary twist on a time-honoured street-food fave. Falafel Avenue provides homemade culinary creations that deliver what today’s savvy consumers want: fresh, exotic flavours, and healthy eating, every time.

The brief
Develop a clean, fresh, and scalable identity easily adaptable with franchising opportunities. The brand needs to look commercial and familiar, even though they are entirely new.

The solution
A simple and minimalist approach enabled us to create a memorable and high impact identity system using key brand elements. The combination of the logo, typography, colours, and patterns helped create a dynamic language unique to Falafel Avenue. Different messages allowed us to target specific audiences, from business professionals to university students. Mixed in with rich and enticing food photography, the overall visual system really stands out and redefines freshness and friendliness.

The idea
Not only is “fa” an acronym for Falafel Avenue, it also happens to be a letter combination present in many of the brand’s keywords. We then combined it with an odd-shaped circle, a playful reference to Falafel Avenue’s never-perfectly-round handmade falafels.

Agency: 30&1
Creative direction: Charles Daoud
Strategy: Nataly Messarra
Art direction and design: Charles Daoud
French copywriting: Charles Paquin
English copywriting: Charles Daoud, Rich Hammond
Web design: Charles Daoud
Integration: MebWeb
Photography: Melanie Bellemare
Interior design: Jean-Paul Viau